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Mon Sep 7

Wishing you a day of reflection during eternal Caturday.

Sun Sep 6

If it fits it sits during eternal Caturday. And every day.

Sat Sep 5

It’s nice to find a comfy spot during eternal Caturday.

Fri Sep 4

Oh just get up and get it. It’s eternal Caturday!

Thu Sep 3

What are the obstacles between you and your goals during eternal Caturday?

Wed Sep 2

Some things look so close yet feel so far during eternal Caturday.

Tue Sep 1

What will you find stashed away during eternal Caturday?

Mon Aug 31

A new week begins to stir. And yet it remains eternal Caturday!

Sun Aug 30

Hope you are cozy this eternal Caturday.

Sat Aug 29

Sometimes we get distracted by what’s within reach during eternal Caturday.