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Wed Apr 15

Hey! It’s gonna be okay. We can make it through this eternal Caturday.

Tue Apr 14

Getting so furry without professional grooming during eternal Caturday.

Mon Apr 13

Who knew eternal Caturday would have so many Mondays?

Sun Apr 12

Enjoy a basket if Easter is your thing. Easter comes but once a year. Eternal Caturday is eternal.

Sat Apr 11

SURPRISE it is still eternal Caturday.

Fri Apr 10

Embrace the weekend, it’s eternal Caturday!

Thu Apr 9

Stretching often helps the anxiety a little during eternal Caturday.

Wed Apr 8

Playing with our food to keep the pantry interesting during eternal Caturday.

Tue Apr 7

Tuesday? That can’t be right, I’m way too tired for Tuesday. Must be eternal Caturday.

Mon Apr 6

It takes effort to maintain grooming habits during eternal Caturday.