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Thu Jun 25

Look ahead even as the wind blows you back during eternal Caturday.

Wed Jun 24

Keep listening. It’s eternal Caturday.

Tue Jun 23

Check in with something you’ve been ignoring during eternal Caturday.

Mon Jun 22

Shake off the weekend! Again! It’s eternal Caturday!

Sun Jun 21

Byaahh! It’s eternal Caturday!!!!

Sat Jun 20

Hey. It’s eternal Caturday.

Fri Jun 19

Time to get up, work on ourselves, and dismantle racist systems on Juneteenth during eternal Caturday.

Thu Jun 18

If you have to be in close proximity to people during eternal Caturday, be sure to use proper protective equipment.

Wed Jun 17

Hey, you ok? Check in with each other during eternal Caturday.

Tue Jun 16

Now is the time to get it! It’s eternal Caturday!