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Mon Jul 25
📗 Want to read Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny ISBN: 9780060567231
Mon Jul 4
📕 Finished reading The Year Under the Machine by Peter Danielsson ISBN: 9789152702864
Sat Jun 4
📕 Finished reading Autonomous by Annalee Newitz ISBN: 9780765392077
Fri Jun 3
📕 Finished reading Escape from Yokai Land by Charles Stross ISBN: 9781250805706
📕 Finished reading Quantum of Nightmares by Charles Stross ISBN: 9781250839374
Thu Jun 2
📗 Want to read The Lone Ranger and Tonto Meet Buddha: Masks, Meditation, and Improvised Play to Induce Liberated States by Peter Coyote ISBN: 9781644113561
Tue May 31
📕 Finished reading Leviathan Falls by James S.A. Corey ISBN: 9780356510392
Thu May 26
📕 Finished reading Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra ISBN: 9780061130359
Wed Apr 6
📗 Want to read The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson
Wed Mar 9
📗 Want to read The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber ISBN: 9780374157357