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Sun May 31
📕 Finished reading Artificial Condition by Martha Wells ISBN: 9781250186928
Sat May 30
📕 Finished reading All Systems Red by Martha Wells ISBN: 9780765397522
Fri Mar 27
📗 Want to read Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore ISBN: 9781250236609
Wed Mar 25
📗 Want to read The City We Became (Great Cities #1) by N.K. Jemisin ISBN: 9780356512679
Wed Mar 11
📗 Want to read This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar
Wed Mar 4
📕 Finished reading Temporary by Hilary Leichter ISBN: 9781566895668
Tue Mar 3
📕 Finished reading Tiamat's Wrath (The Expanse, #8) by James S.A. Corey
Sun Mar 1
📕 Finished reading Persepolis Rising by James S.A. Corey ISBN: 9780316332835
Tue Feb 25
📕 Finished reading Babylon's Ashes by James S.A. Corey ISBN: 9780316334747
Mon Feb 24
📗 Want to read History Vs Women: The Defiant Lives That They Don't Want You to Know by Anita Sarkeesian ISBN: 9781250146731