This inline website editor by Grant is looking very exciting! Powered entirely by IndieWeb building blocks: microformats (to understand the content on your page) and micropub (to make new posts and edits).

post from My New Posting Workflow
So I have been working away on some new features on my site for quite a while now and it looks like everything is about ready.Honestly I don't particularly enjoy writing long-form content, so it is kind of strange that I have really enjoyed working on this new functionality.The …


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Grant Richmond


cleverdevil cleverdevil at said:

@schmarty it seriously looks amazing. I tried it out on my website yesterday and it shows so much potential. Grant constantly amazes me.

mexpat mexpat at said:

@cleverdevil how do you try it?

cleverdevil cleverdevil at said:

@mexpat I installed the Firefox extension for PostrChild to give it a try.