Are you a member of the πŸ•ΈπŸ’ IndieWeb Webring? Today I made an update!

All members of the webring get a unique emoji ID when they first sign in. Previously, those emoji might have included the flag of a country or state, and not everyone wants to be associated with a random country or state!

From now on, new emoji IDs will not include country flags.

If you’re a member of the webring already, and would like a new emoji ID, feel free to drop me a line in the #indieweb chat (I’m schmarty there). I’ll reset your account and you’ll get a new emoji ID. You’ll also have to update the webring links code on your page to make sure they point to your new ID!


Grant Richmond
Eddie Hinkle


Marty McGuire Marty McGuire at said:

I attended IndieWebCamp NYC 2018 and it was a blast! Check the schedule for links to notes and videos from the awesome keynotes, discussion sessions, and build-day demos. I am so grateful to all the other organizers, to all the new and familiar faces that came out, to those that joined us remotely, to Pace University's Seidenberg School for hosting us, and of course to the sponsors that made it all possible. I have a lot of thoughts about all the discussions and projects that were talk...