Site Updates: automatic webmentions, person tags, better reply image handling

I had a bit of time this weekend to tinker with my site.

The biggest change is one that happens totally behind the scenes - I've added a step to the service that compiles and deploys my site to automatically send Webmentions from my posts to posts that I am responding to or mentioning. There are many folks with projects around this, but they tend to be a little more aggressive than I like in finding URLs to send mentions to. For example, they often want to send mentions to my homepage and avatar image for my own posts!

So, I have added a Webmention sender to my site that is triggered by new and updated pages and sends mentions to any URLs that I am specifically responding to or person tagging, along with any URLs mentioned in the actual content of the post.

Along with this, I now support person tags on regular entries like this one. I can add a tag like to a post and it will tag them with proper markup and, if possible, show the name and photo from their homepage h-card.

Finally, I did a little cleanup in how I display reply contexts for other people's posts that have multiple images in them, like this one from Aaron Parecki.

It's nice to be able to sit down and knock off the little nagging TODOs here on the site. That said, I'm hoping to be able to make some big changes, soon! We'll see what my schedule allows.


Aaron Parecki
Grant Richmond
Peter Stuifzand


Eddie Hinkle Eddie Hinkle at said:

Awesome! Those are some great updates! Especially the automatic webmentions (something I want to do soon) and the h-card embedded of person tags.