HWC Baltimore 2018-01-23 Wrap-Up

Baltimore's second Homebrew Website Club of January met at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on January 23rd.

Here are some notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup:

martymcgui.re — Been catching up on things since IndieWebCamp! Spent tonight writing the first of several wrap-up posts. Also finally got the weekend's episode of This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition up this morning, ~3 days late. Planning to write more specific wrap-ups, open up some old Micropub and IndieAuth python projects he needs to update.

jonathanprozzi.net — Recently finished a draft of a 45-60 minute activity for new folks to HWC to register their first domain. None of tonight's attendee's need a domain, so we'll punt on that for next time. Spent the time tonight setting up a notebook.jonathanprozzi.net subdomain to be a publicly accessible version of the Hugo site that he set up recently to take notes. He used it over the weekend at IWC Baltimore and now wants it available on his phone. He also subscribed to all the IWC Baltimore attendees on Woodwind.

derekfields.is — Working on VR world project where the server is a microcontroller with sensors that can directly manipulate the VR world. Dealing w/ issues serving an A-Frame VR web app from his nodemcu microcontroller. The nodemcu serves a big opaque string for content and he wants to have it load A-Frame and other third-party resources from a CDN. The trouble is that when your computer is connected to the nodemcu's access point, there is no access to the internet. He is looking at another possibility of serving those minified scripts directly from the nodemcu.

angelosresu.me — Just noticed his website is down, oops. Not been working on his site much. Has been working on setting up his first OAuth implementation at work.

Other things:

  • Baltimore had our own IndieWebCamp! It was great! Videos are available now for all Saturday sessions as well as Sunday morning intros and afternoon demos.
  • 1 Million Webmentions!
  • WebSub is a W3C REC!
  • IndieAuth is a W3C Note!
    • Lots of discussion about what IndieAuth is, vs RelMeAuth, PGP
  • W3C governance is interesting! And confusing!
  • Showed off Woodwind as an example of IndieAuth dance. Also got Jonathan set up with Micropub via Woodwind so he can send replies.
  • Open Graph Protocol, microformats
  • Moving the idea of computing out of the default idea of a screen and keyboard/mouse/touch and a bunch of storage and computing right in front of you into more interesting paradigms like little internet-connected microcontrollers, virtual worlds.
  • The idea of needing indie readers to start consolidating how people can read and respond to IndieWeb content as easily as on silos. We may all be asking Aaron for accounts on Monocle.
Attendees for tonight's HWC Baltimore: angelosresu.me, derekfields.is, martymcgui.re, jonathanprozzi.net

Thanks to everybody who came out! We hope to see you all again at our next meetings:

  • February 6th (Note: this is a Tuesday). We'll have a new activity for new folks during this meeting starting at 6:30pm – getting started with web hosting!
  • February 20th (also Tuesday!)


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Matt Stultz Matt Stultz at said:

Wtf is Angelo Tartanian doing there?!?!

j-p j-p at said:

a post In reply to https://martymcgui.re/2018/01/23/204146/. Excellent write-up, friend! Thanks for doing such a great job documenting the meetup. Had a productive night and finally having some pieces click together – micro.blog and Woodwind (I’m responding from Woodwind now!) Looking forward to our next HWC already!

Todd Blatt Todd Blatt at said:

Dude, exactly. I woulda skipped board game night at the Windup space for that!

Marty McGuire Marty McGuire at said:

Angelo comes to HWC sometimes! 😼

Peter Yee Peter Yee at said:

You guys are too far away for me to visit on a weeknight 😢