Feeling very grateful for all the folks that came out to make the first day of the first IndieWebCamp Baltimore a huge success! Great conversations, lots of inspiration for tomorrow’s hack day!


Adrianna Berlin
Kristen L. McKenzie
Jan Baum
Kathleen Williams
Terry Withers
Hilary Leichter
Derek Fields
Anthony T Sherwood
Barry Wright III
Jeremy Ottley
Ben Werdmüller
Andy McIntyre
Jonathan Prozzi
Jāsön Herbert
Jonathan Prozzi
Nate Parsons
Sean Latta
Kaye Bailey Laymance
Artur Paikin
Lisa Anthony
Russell Heimlich
Rasheed Green
Chris Aldrich
Amy Hurst
Heidi Ragsdale
Laura Katherine Fox
Scott Brown


Jonathan Prozzi


EddieHinkle EddieHinkle at https://micro.blog/EddieHinkle/284140 said:

@schmarty thanks for putting it together! Super excited to have been able to attend my first IWC! Hoping to attend the Summit either in 2018 or 2019 🤞

Artur Paikin Artur Paikin at said:

Thank you for a great day! And Camp :)