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2018-01-01-commitments are implementation and launch commitments publicly made by the IndieWeb community to ship on their personal sites by 2018-01-01 00:00 local time.

It’s time to make IndieWeb commitments for 2018!

I commit to hosting an IndieWebCamp in Baltimore in 2018. I hope to knock this out pretty early in the year, actually! My co-host Jonathan Prozzi and I will be choosing a date in the next week or so, based on the feedback we have received so far.

I also want to work on a new design for my site and to contribute more Micropub-based tools for other folks to use on their IndieWeb sites. To that end, by 2018-01-01 I hope to finish reworking much of my site’s automation and deployment to replace my current Jekyll configuration, which relies heavily on custom plugins that run on every compile and takes about a minute to rebuild the site. I aim to replace the core static site generation with Hugo, and to replace custom plugin logic with tiny services that run only when posts are created or updated, along the lines of morris, a simple receiver that stores webmentions from webmention.io in data files that static site generators like Hugo (and Jekyll) can consume.

For comparison, I looked up my (vague) commitment for last year which I easily met but was so vague about that I never posted it. I think I was cleaning up my Jekyll configuration to pre-compute metadata about images and other files in my posts. I would end up scrapping that in January when I switched to a micropub media endpoint for hosting my uploads.


gRegor Morrill