HWC Baltimore 2017-09-06 Wrap-Up

Baltimore's first September 2017 meetup for Homebrew Website Club met at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on September 6th.

Below are notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup.

jonathanprozzi.net (Jonathan) – Stepped through Digital Ocean tutorials with nginx and has a fresh new WordPress site running for his personal site. Has a SemPress theme and the IndieWeb plugin and will be working through all those next. Happy to already have working rel-me stuff and being able to log into the IndieWeb wiki. Looking forward to helping others get set up as well.

djfalcon23 (Derek) – Thinking about getting a ".is" domain. Likes the idea of using it with paths like ".is/cool", ".is/making". Started a new site for his light-up bicycling backpack, using his personal portfolio site as a template.

martymcgui.re (Marty) – Started a dedicated podcast-oriented page for This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition. Did some refactoring of his site to make it work reasonably. Next up is adding subscribe buttons for Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and more. Did some research into other podcasts' website subscribe button designs.

Other things:

  • We also talked about Digital Ocean has a hosting provider. We like that they provide a lot of guides, in addition to being very affordable.
  • Talked about geo-based TLDs as being more stable than ".ninja" and others. Reviewed some podcast subscribe button designs on a few sites.
  • Talked about recent video games and 8-bit aesthetics.
jonathanprozzi.net, djfalcon23, martymcgui.re

We hope that you'll join us for another HWC Baltimore, which will next meet on September 20th at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center!