HWC Baltimore 2017-04-19 Wrap-Up

Baltimore's April 2017 meetup for Homebrew Website Club met at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on April 19th.

Notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup.

brianey.com – Been working on some content based on personal notes, which he takes all the time, about things like stuff he's read, etc. Thought about turning ~5 of his notes at a time into monthly lists, but has been writing a lot. Might be more like each note becomes a paragraph-long post. He also manages a newsletter that usually covers one topic, but might automate these new "listy" posts into a collection for the newsletter.

jonathanprozzi.net – Been working on a longer content post, part two of a series that started in March about creativity and code and his personal learning journey. Wants to keep up with post-a-week challenge. Started capturing ideas because he tends to forget topics if he doesn't get started on them. Doesn't want to have long spans of time between posts, so needs a system to keep track of posting as he gets too busy to take big chunks of time.

martymcgui.re – Been working on cleaning up cruft in his site implementation, not a lot of publicly visible stuff. Also been thinking a lot about things that stop him from posting, like not being able to easily syndicate posts while on mobile, and thinking of plans to make it easier. Tonight worked on the first part of supporting micropub edits for his site by working on source queries.

We also had a good discussion about how folks track their projects, keep ongoing notes, nudge themselves to make progress, and more. We talked about tools like Google Calendar and Tasks, laverna.cc, "GTD", and more that I forgot to write down.

Left-to-right: jonathanprozzi.net, mysterious air plant, brianey.com, martymcgui.re

We hope that you'll join us for the next HWC Baltimore on May 10th back here at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center! It's an "Off-Week" for the usual HWC schedule. After that we're back on track with another "On-Week" HWC on May 31st!