HWC Baltimore 9/21 Wrap-Up

Baltimore's first Homebrew Website Club met up at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on 9/21/2016. We had a nice quiet writing hour followed by some quick introductions (since we already knew one another) and lots of chatting about projects, first steps, and indieweb in general.

Notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup:

Marty McGuire (co-organizer)

  • Starting up HWC Baltimore
  • Made style changes to improve contrast for reading

Jonathan Prozzi (co-organizer)

  • Got Jekyll working with GitHub Pages
  • Now also able to run and compile locally
  • Now working on getting personal domain and hosting

Shawn Grimes (Executive Director of DHF)

  • Working on a tool called FabHive that manages multiple 3D printers on a network.
  • Making progress on a feature to expose underlying Octoprint UI for individual printers.

It wouldn't be an HWC without a photo, so here is our selfie!

Left to right: Jonathan, Shawn, Marty

We had a great chat and look forward to more progress on projects, more good discussion, and more interested folks at the next one. We hope you'll join us next month on 10/19!


Tantek Çelik Tantek Çelik at said:

Congrats Homebrew Website Club Baltimore on your first meetup tonight!https://martymcgui.re/2016/09/21/193105/More tonight: Bellingham, LA, SF https://indieweb.org/events/2016-09-21-homebrew-website-club

⚡️ ⚡️ at said:

Congrats Homebrew Website Club Baltimore on your first meetup tonight!martymcgui.re/2016/09/21/193… More tonight: tantek.com/t4jRE

Marty McGuire Marty McGuire at said:

Baltimore's second September 2017 meetup for Homebrew Website Club met at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on September 20th. It was our one-year anniversary, given that our first meeting occurred on September 21st, 2016. We celebrated with cookies! Insomnia cookies and IndieWebCamp stickers Below are notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup. jonathanprozzi.net – Set up bridgy on his new WordPress site since last time. Working on a post detailing his move from Hugo to …