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Professor von Explaino
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The author of the IndieWeb ring has moved the codebase to PHP. heh. Heh. HEH.

Wow, thanks for digging in to this! I am definitely interested in your setup for PHPUnit!

Ordering for previous / next in the ring is also something I’m open to discussion on. Join-time makes some sense, but always felt limiting. I’ve been thinking of implementing it entirely separately from the Sites table, so it’s easy to try out different algorithms. I think it’d be fun to change up the sorting periodically.

Please let me know if you post your version somewhere. I realize using my personal git hosting makes things like pull requests a lot more challenging. I’m open to mirroring gem-diamond to Github if you’re interested in collaborating there.


Professor von Explaino Professor von Explaino at said:

Thanks for the reply, Marty. I've put my copy of the code on Github, critiques welcome of course. I'm definitely interested in collaborating, the alternative would be getting an account on your git repository if you'd like to keep it close. My current favourite idea for the Sites table is having Next and Previous links in the table; since each entry only has one Next/Previous having a separate table seems a needless join. It's simple enough to roll back database changes to try different …

Marty McGuire Marty McGuire at said:

Are you a member of the πŸ•ΈπŸ’ IndieWeb Webring? Everything is fine! We are up to around 450 active sites, with more than 250 of those appearing on the webring directory page! Okay so what is this update? Ha! Ha. Reader, you see right through me. Since the last IndieWeb Webring update, an afficionado of IndieWeb, webrings, and PHP who goes by Von Explaino (aka Colin) reached out about collaborating! He posted about his own updates in Playing with IndieWeb ring's code, and I posted a follow-up with …