Year-old kitten Lolly stalks across a row of stools and tentatively reaches up to the countertop with one forepaw, then the other. She spots the source of a smell that has piqued her interest. The alluring scent is clearly coming from a thin-walled rectangular brown tube, just out of reach from her perch on the stool. Knowing that the counter is Forbidden Territory, she maintains silence as she hoists herself up.

Lolly sniffs at the tube’s opening, confirming her suspicions. Something interesting is in there, and it’s not coming out on it’s own. She’s going to have to go in…

10 feet away, two humans sitting on a couch hear a rustling sound coming from the kitchen. Turning to look, they see a brown paper bag, just used to make microwave popcorn, waving in the air over the counter, back and forth like a metronome. Below the frantically moving bag, they recognize Lolly the cat flattening her body against the counter, failing to maintain her cool as she desperately attempts to duck out of this cruel trap, a paper nightmare.

At the height of her struggle, the bag pops away and Lolly is free. She hears strange vocalizations behind her - the humans have noticed this trespass!

She flees.


Malcolm Blaney