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Respectful Responses
How do we enable more positive serendipity & discovery via our websites, between both existing friends & family, and new positive interactions. And how do we raise barriers to spam, harassment, and other unpleasant social media interactions.
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IndieWeb-friendly personal sites can work together to provide all kinds of social features to the web. Likes, replies, bookmarks, GIF responses, reaction videos, and way more!

But should our sites do this? Recreating the dopamine-hit, engagement-maximizing, abuse-inviting patterns of the social silos is likely not the answer.

How can we make the web social while protecting one another?

Let’s start a conversation and find out in this IndieWebCamp Popup!


colinwalker colinwalker at said:

@schmarty An interesting topic. On the whole, I think the ease with which minimum viable social actions can be created on social networks is the issue. Even though a multitude of responses can be sent via indieweb tech the additional friction required to do so from your own site is a natural limiter until you start talking about browser extensions and apps that can automate the process. Having this all distributed rather than controlled by just a few entities is definitely better but how much is …