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Thanks for your updates Marty, I’ll get them into the app.  I just wanted to touch on one thing you wrote in your post, and that’s:

Thanks for taking a look at the changes! And thanks for the response!

While I agree that I could wrap the entries on my archive page in an h-feed, I disagree that every collection of h-entry “is a feed”.

The microformats2 spec for h-feed is still a draft and open to change. Even so, it states that h-feed is “for publishing a stream or feed”. The use cases listed there, and on indieweb.org/h-feed specifically discuss feeds and feed readers subscribing to content.

I made the specific choice not to make the archive pages into a feed, because I don’t want to encourage folks to subscribe to something only to find that it becomes static over time.

In my thinking, an microformats2-capable crawler should be capable of handling a collection of h-entry in a page whether or not they are wrapped in an h-feed. There was some brief discussion about it today in the #indieweb-dev chat.