My 2019-01-01 Commitment

2018 is drawing to a close and wow, what a year. It feels like it has, by turns, both crawled and raced by on its way. Tonight I'm at my final Homebrew Website Club as an organizer before the moving truck comes tomorrow and we begin our transfer to NYC. If all goes well we should be living our lives there by this time next week!

Even amidst this turmoil, the IndieWeb community, and Homebrew Website Club in general, has been helping me periodically bring my focus back to the things I want to work on for my personal site. Each year, community members challenge themselves to deliver something new to their site by the end of the year, and there are a lot of commitments already up.

My site is currently built with the static site generator Jekyll. As I'd added posts and features, Jekyll builds started taking 1 to 2 minutes or more. This became excruciating for simple edits or wanting to quickly syndicate a post from my site to Twitter or Facebook.  So, in the last year (or more!) I've been refactoring my site and porting over my templates to Hugo, a very fast static site generator written in Go.

I think the last piece I am missing before launching is some updates to my Micropub endpoint to create and edit posts in Hugo-specific locations and with Hugo-specific metadata (seriously, why can't Go parse ISO 8601 dates without a seconds field?).

So, I am committed to finish putting the pieces together and relaunch my site on Hugo before 2019-01-01.

How will you know that I've finished it? I'll have to tell you! Because, ideally, the site should look and work the same as before, with a few improvements in markup and a couple of non-obvious new archive pages.

Trust me, I'll let y'all know here on this site!