A Blog Yard Sale (Blarg Sale)

Update Dec. 9th: Blarg Sale Complete!

Thanks to everyone who helped us find new homes for some of our beloved but now extraneous stuff.

Below I am keeping an archive of how the blarg sale worked and what items were moved!

We're moving! To do so, we need to downsize, and quick.

If you live in the Baltimore, MD region: our "we're not taking this with us" could be your treasure!

How it Works

  1. Read through this post. Admire the photos. Read the descriptions.
  2. If you see something that you want, and its description isn't struck through, then it is available! Contact me to let me know that you want it and when you can pick it up!
    • Seriously: If you don't include a pickup date and time then I can't hold it for you.
  3. Once I get your note, and if that pickup time works for us, I'll let you know and strike it through here.
  4. Come get your thing! I can't deliver. Once you pick it up, I'll remove it from this post entirely.


Q: How long do I have to pick it up?
A: NOT LONG. Anything not picked up by December 7th is getting donated, recycled, or otherwise disposed of!
Q: What do I do if I see something I want, but it's struck through?!
A: Feel free to reach out to me about this item and I'll let you know when I expect it to be picked up. If the person who claimed it changes their mind, I'll let you know!

Claimed and Gone

Full-size Aluminum Frame Futon (Taken by AJ)

This metal 🤘 futon comes with a brown cover and two adjustable-slash-detachable arms. We'll also throw in a 2-inch thick memory foam mattress pad because, let's be real, nobody wants to sleep on a bare futon.

Padded Bench with Storage (Taken by AJ)

Put shoes in the bottom shelf space! Sit on the bench while you put on those shoes! Think about what knick-knacks you have stored in the drawers! You'll have to stand up if you want to know what is inside.

IKEA Loveseat (Taken by Michael)

Photo to come, but this is a KLIPPAN two-seater loveseat with a light-gray cover. Lighter than the ones in IKEA's online catalog.

This design is well-loved by cats that don't quite want to sit in your lap. You can also balance drinks, like, all over it.

DIY Quadcopter Drone Parts (Taken by Terry)

I kinda built one of these 3D printable quadcopters but I didn't know how to balance the motors, so it was basically an erratic flying lawnmower. You will probably do better and not threaten your loved ones with your choice of testing area.

This so-called "kit" includes: two sets of 4x ESCs, 4 motors, 4 propeller nuts, 2 sets of 4 propellers, wiring harnesses, MultiWii controller board, Turnigy 9x radio controller and receiver, LIPO battery, LIPO charger, and safety bags in which to charge your LIPO battery (apparently they can catch fire if they "charge bad").

Standing Organizer Cabinet (Taken by Kim)

This waist-high cabinet, with its single drawer and adjustable shelving behind peekaboo glass doors, can definitely store some stuff.

My Keepon Dancing Desktop Robot (Taken by Zizwe, Zuri)

Dang. Remember Keepon, the dancing robot? Remember Toy Я Us before they went bankrupt? Well, they made a less capable version that you can have! In fact, you can have two of them because that's how many we have! Also includes a semi-DIY power supply in case you don't want to keep feeding it batteries.

EggBot CNC (Taken by Shawn)

An EggBot from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. Draw on ping-pong balls. Bring the most precisely decorated eggs to your Easter festivities!

Electric Sander (Taken by Jen)

Sand by hand, but with power!

Super-Spy Micro Drone w/ Camera (Taken by Jen)

A drone that actually works? And I'm giving it away??

Yes. Please take it.

This tiny drone comes with an RC remote and a charger and is equipped with a cute little camera that can take video or pictures at the press of a button. Yu'll need a microSD card to store the hours of crash footage before you are skilled enough to use this thing well.

Sliding Drawer Component Organizer (Taken by Jen)

With 24 small drawers, and 12 double-wides, this plastic organizer will help hide your shame. Viva compartmentalization!

Nintendo 64-style USB Game Controllers (Taken by Jonathan)

Experience the game controller that made every player of Goldeneye ask "what three-handed alien was this designed for?"

These plug in to a computer via USB. Probably best for a portable emulation station that can play Nintendo 64 games.

A Dremel (Taken by Erin)

This one has been used for a handful of projects. Still works well! There are a few bits and cutting wheels etc. in there.

Drill Press Contraption for Dremel (Taken by Erin)

A perfect companion piece for a Dremel, when you want to make precise and repeated cuts or holes.

Black & Decker Jigsaw (Taken by Erin)

An electric jigsaw. With a cloth bag. Also some blades. Bzzzz!

Pi-Top Raspberry Pi 3 Computer (Taken by Blue)

This hideous green carapace houses a perfectly nice screen, keyboard, touchpad, and battery, creating a complete (if ugly) laptop from a Raspberry Pi computer.

Great for teaching kids to computer, or cosplaying a world where Fisher-Price was a laptop manufacturer.

4 Colorful Fiberglass Chairs (Taken by Blue)

Available as a set, these chairs even have names to match their colors: Kermit, Animal, Skeeter, and Scooter!

Craftsman Toolchest (Taken by Andrew)

A heavy-duty 6-drawer toolchest with omni-directional wheels. There are tools in it, too! You can have those if you want 'em.

Big Scary Electric Sawzall (Taken by John)

We used this to cut some plumbing and I was sure I was gonna lose a limb. Wear eye protection. And limb... uh... protection.

Partially Assembled Shapeoko 2 (Taken by John)

I love kits! Forget the finished product! This is a Shapeoko 2 CNC mill. You can still find all the instructions for building it online. Personally, I got afraid of messing up the step where you tap the aluminum extrusion because I have bad hand coordination. Surely you can do it and have an awesome CNC mill for yourself!

Sony Bravia TV (Taken by Jo)

It's a TV. It has a lot of inputs! HDMI for days! Oh, and a remote! Stay on the couch, my friend.

It also comes with this really nice wall mount. If you don't want that, it also has a stand. You'll get all of these things if you come for this TV.

1000 Feet of Cat5e Ethernet Cable (Taken by Jo)

Okay, confession time. I was gonna use this to wire up my whole house. Think of it - no worries about interference from the neighbors' WiFi. Pure, uncut ethernet straight to the network port!

Then I discovered all the cross beams between the wall studs in the house and the whole thing eventually ground to a halt.

... after I bought a whooole mess of other accessories that I was apparently too embarrassed to photograph here, including very nice crimpers, male and female terminal connectors, a continuity tester, tools for fishing cables through walls, and probably more. It's all yours now.

VR Headset... Thing (Taken by Jo)

😩 where to begin? If you have a spare powerful Android phone, get ready for a handful of VR experiences available from the Google Play store! Did you know that YouTube has some actual 3D videos? You can watch them, now!

This headset has a space to hold your phone, and magnifying lenses inside to warp the screen image for your fleshy human eyes that aren't made for viewing phone screens so close. It also has a little remote that can be used to navigate VR apps and games.


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