The Zonodome is complete! Congrats and thanks to George Hart and the participants at Construct 3D 2018!

Special thanks to:

  • Leigh and the Georgia Tech Hotel staff who letting me borrow an electric pencil sharpener to sharpen dowels.
  • Amazon Prime Now for delivering a replacement pencil sharpener when the other one bit the dust.
  • Laura Taalman for doing all the part receiving and wrangling. Thanks for coordinating everything to make sure all the parts showed up!
  • Jessica and Jesse of nervous system for coming straight from their event keynote to help clean up parts and assemble.
  • Ryan Bell for jumping in on all parts of the build.
  • and many more I am forgetting, I am sure!!


We the Builders
Jen Schachter
Laura Taalman
Dr Sabetta Matsumoto
Christopher Hanusa
Corinne Okada Takara
Tim Hutton
Brian Zelip
Daryl Green
Thinking 3D
Adam Starbuck
BV3D: Bryan Vines
Kris Swanson
Laura B. Fogle
Vicki Spitalnick
Kristen Schreck
Luis E. Rodriguez
Dave Heefner


We the Builders
Jen Schachter
Laura Taalman
Edmund Harriss
Henry Segerman
Kris Swanson


Jen Schachter Jen Schachter at said:

This is SO so cool. I’ve been down for the count on this one (recovering from several weeks on the road) but exciting to see all the different ways @we_the_builders can be applied to #Crowdsourcing!