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post from WebSub Part II: Aperture
Following on from yesterday’s Part I, today I’m talking about the process of installing Aaron Parecki’s Aperture Microsub Server. As before, this is the result of several different attempts at installation, and leaves out a lot of the handwringing. I recommended that before …

Thanks so much for these! I was able to stumble through them, along w/ some playing w/ Ubuntu PPA sources and tooling around with nginx configs, and now have Aperture working and it is great!

One note: this line appears to be flipped:

$ php artisan generate:key

What worked for me was:

$ php artisan key:generate


Daniel Goldsmith Daniel Goldsmith at said:

Whoops, I can’t believe I made that mistake. All fixed, thanks for the bug report 😃 I’m glad that the posts were useful for you, Marty. I’ve been playing with this new protocol, enjoying myself hugely.