Thanks to guest Danielle Smith for pushing Jonathan outside his comfort zone in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast.

In seriousness, thanks so much to Danielle for her support of our show, and her generous donation to help the Baltimore Improv Group settle into our current home in Station North!

post from Where's Your Ticket? • Ep 98- Concert Trips
Marty's plane was delayed but the show must go on. Jonathan sits down with friend and expert, Danielle Smith, to discuss traveling to see concerts. What are tricks to get VIP tickets, how should you pack, and how far should you travel to see a concert?


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Danielle Smith❤️


Danielle Smith Danielle Smith at said:

You’re welcome Marty! I’m happy to help and the podcast is fun to listen to, as well as be a part of. If you ever need a hand with Jonathan, I’m always willing to help! 😉😂