Sean Latta may be gone from Baltimore City, but he left a box of stuff in our hearts.

Thanks to all the guests who helped wish him bon voyage in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast.

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How Do You Say Goodbye? • Ep 45 - Bye Bye Sean Latta
Marty and Jonathan wish a found farewell to friend Sean Latta. What does Sean expect to see in New York and what will he miss most in Baltimore. This contributor to the show finally gets his comeuppances.


Kristen L. McKenzie
Lisa Anthony
John Windmueller
Joel Murphy
Caroline Yates


Sean Latta❤️
Kelly El❤️


Sean Latta Sean Latta at said:

Thank you Marty McGuire,Jonathan Monroe,and everyone else! This was so nice! I miss you all very much and I guess ill see everone at me andKelly's wedding, sorry David !

David Anthony David Anthony at said:

Hey, it was going to be somebody-- I guess I'm just glad it's you. Treat her right, you old so and so!