HWC Baltimore 12/14 Wrap-Up

Baltimore's final Homebrew Website Club meet up of 2016 happened at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on 12/14/2016. We had a nice quiet writing hour followed by discussion and demos!

Notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup:

Jonathan Prozzi (co-organizer) - Completed 2017-01-01 commitments of h-feed and h-entry markup. Working on webmentions setup. Also figuring out separate post types (e.g. status vs articles). Also settled on a permalink and taxonomy structure. Documenting process of making an indieweb-compatible Hugo theme. Added self to /hugo.

Jean-Carlos Cedré - Has an older website. Wants to revisit it and get portfolio pieces on there. Might want to move off of Wordpress.

Marty McGuire (co-organizer) - Completed image-related 2017-01-01 commitments. Needs to write up some new ones. Working on owning his own events. Event posts with photos now get a nice Facebook-inspired poster look to them. Added upcoming events section to home page. Wants to add RSVPs to that list. Also working on a new micropub client for creating and RSVPing to events. Discussion led to the name suggestion "Slater".

Adam Bouhmad - been focusing on classwork, Docker, GitHub issues. In 2017 wants to get back to working on a malware collection site, starting with a UI design.

Here's the customary HWC group selfie:

Left-to-right: Jean Carlos, Jonathan, Adam, Marty

We also took the time to tune in with the Virtual HWC meetup. Sorry to all the folks in quiet time that had to listen to us have our social time. :}

We are excited about the turnout and the discussions at HWC Baltimore so far! We hope you'll join us for the first HWC Baltimore of 2017 on 1/25!