Thanks to our guest this week Kristin L. McKenzie for teaching us that there are always more ways to share.

post from Do You Care Enough To Share? • Ep 72- LeeAnn of P.E.T.I.
Jonathan and Marty chat with LeeAnn of PETI about her mission to make humans more tolerant of our friends with more than 4 legs. A question from listener Alex B leads to sharing disappointing ride-share stories.


Alan McCombs
Kristen L. McKenzie
Joel Murphy
Kaye Bailey Laymance
Kristen McKenzie
Scott Brown


maggie maggie at said:

Kristen is a great podcast guest and real-life gem!

Kristen McKenzie Kristen McKenzie at said:

@mkphenicie Awwwww. Shucks you guys!!!! You're the awesome ones!!