Pile of index cards from running my first ever D&D campaign last night.


Säräh Mähr
Christopher Scarborough
Clare Lochary
Timotheus German
Lauren Morris
Nate Parsons
Kim Le
Kaye Bailey Laymance
Zach Smith
Andy McIntyre
Giovanni DeVal Kavota
David Lustig
Tony Buser
Jonathan Prozzi
Kristen L. McKenzie
Joshua Ryan Smith
Sean Latta
Richard KL
Scott Brown
Lisa Anthony
jazzi ❤ jeff™
Adam Bouhmad
Jenny Brooks
Lola Rickenbacker


Fin Springs Fin Springs at said:

How’d you like it? I’m playing for the first time ever with my son and a couple of friends. DM job seems hard!

Scott Brown Scott Brown at said:

Marty was great! Over-prepared, which is normal, and a great fallback if things go south, but they never did.

Marty McGuire Marty McGuire at said:

It was a lot of fun! I definitely over-prepped in some ways, had to oops and wing it in others. Thankful for great players!