Please join me in welcoming a new episode of the Baltimore Improv Group podcast into the world!

This episode features Michael Harris and Joel Murphy interviewing “DC/Baltimore improv giant” John Windmueller.

This episode also includes improv scenes featuring BIG performers Bridget Cavaiola, Laura Davis, Jessica Myles Henkin, David Anthony, Kelly Lloyd, Andy McIntyre, and Joel Murphy.

Give it a listen! Share it around! Laugh and love! Thanks in advance!


Matthew Manning
John Windmueller
Beck Arina
Andy McIntyre
Brian E. Young
Kim Le
Bridget Cavaiola
Caroline Yates
Joel Murphy
Lauren Morris
Kevin Permison
Christopher Scarborough
Trista Morgan
Lars Periwinkle
jazzi ❤ jeff™
Scott Brown
Maggie Phenicie
Michael Harris
Joe Taylor
Barry Wright III
Kristen L. McKenzie
Kaye Bailey Laymance
Kathleen Williams
Laura Davis
Scott Brown
Michelle Ochs Windmueller
da Vinci Cabin
Jessica Myles Henkin
Kelly Lloyd


Baltimore Improv Group
Baltimore Improv Grp


Brian E. Young Brian E. Young at said:

What kind of mics are you using, your voice sounds unrecognizably smooth =)

Marty McGuire Marty McGuire at said:

My little interstitial bits were done on a Blue Yeti. The interview and improv scenes were recorded on a Zoom H6 with a couple of different mics that I forget. Joel could tell you for sure!

Brian E. Young Brian E. Young at said:

Thanks Marty! I was literally looking up this stuff last night. So this is a huge help!

Matthew Manning Matthew Manning at said:

Ok I thought the John Windmueller Memorial Award for Model UN was a joke and I looked it up and it's NOT and in fact it's called THE ROCKET AWARD (picture from the Florida Model UN Newsletter)

Joel Murphy Joel Murphy at said:

Two Rode Procasters and a Shure SM57.

Brian E. Young Brian E. Young at said:

Thank you Joel!

Bridget Cavaiola Bridget Cavaiola at said:

Nancy Heartsssssssss❤️ awesome job putting this together Marty!!

Laura Davis Laura Davis at said:

Nancy Heartssss is so so good!