Sticky Note Tweet


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This work is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution.


Experimenting with laying out tweets on a sticky note. Thinking about some fun automated Unicorn plots.

Unfortunately, once again, I am not home to plot this. I will try to put up pictures later, but feel free to give this a shot in the meantime.

Feedback welcome!


To Plot

Using the Unicorn Inkscape extension:

  1. Load tweet.svg in Inkscape
  2. Save as G-Code
  3. Plot

To Edit

  1. Edit the user_card, text, and timestamp layers. You’ll want to break up the groups.
  2. Use the Hershey Text extension for nice single-stroke text:
  3. Plot.

To Change the Icon

  1. Grab your Twitter icon as a .JPG
  2. Import it into Inkscape.
  3. Select it and use the Path | Trace Bitmap option.
  4. Choose “Brightness Steps” under “Multiple Scans” and set it to 8.
  5. Select the result, remove the fill, and set the stroke to black. Tweak to your satisfaction.