2-color Baltimore Node logo (Unicorn and EggBot)


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⮩🛠 This is a derivative of Baltimore Node logo (Unicorn) by schmarty.

This work is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution.


To go with the new multiple-color plotting functionality of my Unicorn G-Code Output extension for Inkscape, here’s a new version of the Baltimore Node logo.

This one is ready to plot in 2 layers - all of the black parts at once, followed by all of the blue ones, with a pause at the beginning of each layer to allow a pen change.

I also made use of my Hershey Fonts in SVG to make the word “baltimore” more readable after plotting. This should make it look nice, for example, on an EggBot.


I forgot to resize the original for a sticky note pad (whoops!) and I was right that the EggBot version needed layers beginning with a number.

Updated files attached and pictures added!


If you have a Unicorn, try out the attached G-Code. It’s set to start with the pen centered over 0,0 and fits on a sticky note pad (75mm x 75mm).

If you have an EggBot, try plotting the SVG using the Layers dialog. Layer 1 is black, Layer 2 is blue.