Baltimore Node logo (Unicorn)


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This work is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution.


I felt that it was about time Baltimore Node had a Unicorn-plottable logo! You can learn more about this awesome hackerspace at

I’ve attached all the files I used to create the G-Code for this thing, which tells the story of how you can make your own:

  • node_logo.svg - Start with the SVG logo available from the Node wiki.
  • node_logo.eps - Use Inkscape to export an EPS file, making sure to convert text to paths.
  • node_logo.dxf - Use pstoedit as described on Tony’s 2D-to-3D post - - to create a DXF, with simple line approximations of curves. I also ended up using some scaling:

    pstoedit -xscale 18 -yscale 18 -dt -f dxf:-polyaslines node_logo.eps node_logo.dxf
  • node_logo.gcode - Use from GitHub to convert the DXF into Unicorn G-Code.

I used Pleasant3D for its excellent G-Code preview capabilities to check that everything looked reasonable, find a good scaling, etc.


  1. Load node_logo.gcode up in ReplicatorG
  2. Line up your pen as shown in this image:
  3. Build!

You may need to flip axes, etc.

I also don’t have any of the niceties like pen registration tests or multi-sheet printing in this G-Code. Feel free to add your own!