Marty McGuire


Online and In Person Shows

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I’ve also got a list of past shows.

Live Weekly(-ish)

Capes in the Dark, white text over image. A waving cape divides a castle-like school campus in the daylight from a shadowy city skyline at night.

Capes in the Dark

Video streaming Mondays at 8:30pm US/Eastern on Twitch at

An actual-play RPG podcast using our hack of Orion D. Black's Mutants in the Night. Follow the misadventures of super-powered mostly-students Bernie, Frankie, Ira, and Teddy.

We Have to Ask, large letters in a blue speech bubble flanked by cartoon faces of heavily-bearded Jonathan on the left and glasses-wearing Marty on the right.

We Have to Ask

Video streaming (Many) Tuesdays at 5pm US/Eastern on Facebook at Video and podcast versions of all episodes at

Jonathan and Marty use a dangerous device to steal podcast episodes from versions of themselves in alternate universes.


This Startup is Being Recorded Podcast. A rocket ship flies in an arc towards the ground.

This Startup is Being Recorded

New episodes Wednesdays at

A mostly improvised, comedic audio drama that follows a few executives building, and sometimes destroying, a company.

A mishmash of US political themed imagery including a stars-and-stripes themed shield, a Liberty or Death banner, the constitution, and a Bible, all crushing a snake.

The Line-Up

Episodes at The Line-Up on PodServe.

A mostly improvised news and politics panel show featuring over-the-top political point-scoring and petty vengeance.

Lawful and Orderly. Text with ampersand as stylized dragon appears over a crystal ball above a purple background.

Lawful & Orderly

Archive at

An actual-play D&D podcast. Follow the trials of our beleagered civil servants in a city of powerful magic and powerful corruption, where leveling-up is for other people.

IWC, IndieWebCamp, This Week in the IndieWeb.

This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition

2017 - 2018. Archive of IndieWeb podcast episodes.

An audio version of the weekly digest of activities in the IndieWeb community.