HWC Baltimore 2017-11-01 Wrap-Up

Baltimore's first November 2017 meetup for Homebrew Website Club met at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on November 1st. 

Below are notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup.

bouhmad.com – Been working on a big post about security issues. Also, collecting resources for an Equifax-breach-themed CryptoParty in November, which will also go on his site.

djfalcon23.github.io – Buying his dream domain (TBA once it is registered). Been reading lots about getting into tech industry, dealing w/ impostor syndrome. Planning to turn some of these into notes and/or posts on his site when it is up.

martymcgui.re – Posted up the last IWC NYC 2017 interview (with Tantek). Would like to have one per week to put up, so will bring his mic to next HWC Baltimore, and may start asking people in IRC to do interviews over Skype, Zencaster, or similar. Also just reached the 100th episode of his comedy podcast.

Other things.

  • Worries about Net Neutrality and the upcoming FCC proposals to break it by allowing pay-for-access fees to publishers. We looked at resources like battleforthenet.com and a video from Congressional Democrats about the issue.
  • Podcasts about tech. Derek has been trying to find podcasts about cutting-edge tech, but been frustrated. For example, Friends Talk Frontend has good content, but he finds the hosts annoying. Adam recommend Talk Python to Me because it is funny and timely, focusing on new tech. Marty recommends the Contrafubilists because it is kind of an anti-cutting-edge tech podcast with very thoughtful hosts that take apart the marketing speak behind technology trends.
  • Also got off into the weeds about good story-driven podcasts. 😅
  • Talked about a theoretical "disruptive student" detection system that uses computer vision, motion detection, face recognition, to log "overactive" students and generate reports. Generated a lot of interesting discussion about unintended consequences of technologically "simple" systems.
  • Talked about the problems of trying to digitize the rules of complex human systems and the problems of measuring outcomes, determining what "just" algorithms looks like, etc.
Left-to-right: djfalcon23, bouhmad.com, martymcgui.re

Thanks to everybody who came out! We look forward to seeing you at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center for the next one! We'll be meeting again on November 15th and November 29th.

Photo for tonight’s Homebrew website club Baltimore

Thanks to guest Kim Le for keeping it 💯 in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!


It is amazing that we have made 100 episodes of this little podcast.

Thanks to all of our guests over the years for being their shining selves.

Thanks to Jonathan for starting this ball rolling and all the work he puts into booking guests, editing every week, and being an all-around great co-host.

Thanks to the Peak Sloth Podcast Network for making us feel at home.

And, of course, thank you all for listening. ❤️

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How Well Did You Listen? • Ep 100 - The Archivists 1.0
Dear valued listener, We at Here Be Lobsters strive to bring you the best content in the multiverse. This week, we have for you a pilot of a new game show for We Have To Ask. Play along with Marty and Jonathan and see if you paid closer attention to the series. Help us celebrate 100 episodes! Cordially, Marty and...

Officer Aaron “Tweet” Twillson reporting for duty! Join us tonight at 8pm ET for the Season 3 finale of Lawful & Orderly: Special Visions Unit!


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Homebrew Website Club Baltimore November 1st, 2017

Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center 1045 Light St., BaltimoreMD, 21230

I'm going!

Looking forward to Homebrew Website Club Baltimore this Wednesday!

Join us at 7:30pm at Digital Harbor Foundation to talk about your personal website, owning your content outside the big social media silos, and making an IndieWeb for you (not them)!

Want some time to write a post, add a feature, or otherwise work on your website? Join us at 6:30pm for the (optional) quiet writing hour before the meetup.

This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition • October 21st - 27th, 2017

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Audio edition for This Week in the IndieWeb for October 21st - 27th, 2017.

This week features a brief interview with Tantek Çelik recorded at IndieWebCamp NYC 2017.

You can find all of my audio editions and subscribe with your favorite podcast app here: martymcgui.re/podcasts/indieweb/.

Music from Aaron Parecki’s 100DaysOfMusic project: Day 85 - Suit, Day 48 - Glitch, Day 49 - Floating, Day 9, and Day 11

Thanks to everyone in the IndieWeb chat for their feedback and suggestions. Please drop me a note if there are any changes you’d like to see for this audio edition!

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So our Sonos locked us out this morning until we let it update its firmware. This is a dark UI pattern which strongly suggests they are holding the system hostage until I agree to let them remove features or add anti-features like sharing what we listen to or surveiling our home network. Anybody know of an alternative, free/open source Sonos firmware?

My Sonos desktop app made the same forced update. The “Check for Updates” dialog had a tantalizing “Later” button, but it took me back to this same useless screen.

The release notes for the update to 8.1 say only that it “delivers support for the all-new Sonos One, the smart speaker for music lovers” with a link to buy the new device.