Thanks to our guest Haley Bronzino for sieging the Wall of Jonathan’s refusal to watch Game of Thrones in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

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It's Marty's week to get Jonathan on board. This episode, Marty is riding in on a dragon to convince Jonathan that Game of Thrones is a show for him. He has brought in fan and expert of the show, Haley, to crown this show the best thing Jonathan has never seen.

Kicking off IndieWeb Summit 2018!!

📍 Checked in at Eliot Center, Portland, OR.

Ridiculously excited about IndieWeb Summit day 1. 🕸💍

📍 Checked in at Pine Street Market, Portland, OR.
Pre-Summit Meetup!
📍 Checked in at Los Gorditos, Portland, OR.
Post-Pre-Summit Actual Lunch
📍 Checked in at Blue Star Donuts, Portland, OR.
with gRegor , Tantek , David
Post-Pre-Summit Pre-Lunch Donuts — with gRegor, Tantek, David
★ Favorited
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For those of you who’ve been tuning in, you’ll know what tomorrow holds! I’ll be in Portland today until Wednesday for the IndieWeb Summit and exploring the city a bit. I’m hoping to learn a lot and meet more of the people I’ve known from over the Web in person.
📍 Checked in at Mozilla Portland, Portland, OR.