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TIL VoiceBox's interface probably has a cross site scripting vulnerability #iws18 #indieweb
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Meeting Notes Homebrew Website Club Baltimore had our second June meetup at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on Wednesday, June 27th. Here are the notes from the broadcast portion of tonight’s gathering! Rhea rhearamakrishnan.com – Over the last month, Rhea organized a working workshop and used her website to promote it. There was a lot of interest and Rhea’s workshop is running every...
📍 Checked in at Shift Drinks, Portland, OR.
Post-post-Summit cocktails — with gRegor, Tantek, michelle, Douglas
📍 Checked in at City of Portland, , Oregon.
📍 Checked in at Voicebox Karaoke, Portland, OR.
📍 Checked in at Eliot Center, Portland, OR.
📍 Checked in at Birthplace Of https://🕸💍.ws, Portland, OR.
📍 Checked in at Eliot Center, Portland, OR.
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Hey #IndieWeb it looks like webrings still going strong in the OtherKin community: http://www.house-eclipse.org/wordpress/webrings/ This is the only webring I found still operating in the wild. Pretty cool.
📍 Checked in at Von Ebert Brewing, Portland, OR.