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Homebrew Website Club Baltimore August 23, 2017

Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center 1045 Light St., BaltimoreMD, 21230

I'm going!

Interested in having a personal website? Got questions about the web? Join us Wed Aug 23rd at Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center!

Thanks to Jonathan Monroe for braving the traffic to DC and the lines at Otakon for this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast](!

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What Do The Pros Say? • Ep 68- Otakon 2017
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Testing out my #hamradio rig on my tiny bike for #biketheeclipse

This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition • August 12th - 18th, 2017

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Audio edition for This Week in the IndieWeb for August 12th - 18th, 2017.

This week features a brief interview with Jean MacDonald recorded at IndieWeb Summit 2017.

You can find all of my audio editions here.

You can subscribe with your favorite podcast app on huffduffer.

Music from Aaron Parecki’s 100DaysOfMusic project: Day 85 - Suit, Day 48 - Glitch, Day 49 - Floating, Day 9, and Day 11

Thanks to everyone in the IndieWeb chat for their feedback and suggestions. Please drop me a note if there are any changes you’d like to see for this audio edition!

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It's real now! Here's a sneak peek of the cover of my new book "OAuth 2.0 Simplified", released at the end of this month! #oauth #oauth2
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Teach History

“We must teach history – and teach with an eye toward de-colonization, anti-racism, and justice. For everyone who expressed shock about Charlottesville and insisted that “this isn’t America,” it’s pretty clear that your history classes failed you. Because this is America. We have to fundamentally alter how we teach history – and that means teaching about hate, not just love. It means teaching about American evils, not just American exceptionalism. It means teaching about resistance too, not just oppression. And it means rethinking all the practices tied up in our educational institutions – systemic and interpersonal practices that perpetuate this weekend’s violence.”

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Owning my audio clips
In the past couple of days, prompted by Marty McGuire's write-up, I raved about the potential of Audiogram to help promote the podcast by making it easier to share audio clips to social media -- by turning them into video clips. This afternoon, having managed to get tomorrow's episode edited early, and having had to chop quite a few interesting digressions,...
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Oh! Hmm. I had not thought of that!

Are you interested in the video clips, or would a feed of the audio be enough?

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Hi Marty, is this downloadable / subscribable so I can listen offline on my commute?

Hi Rob! There is an RSS link that allows you to subscribe in the sidebar on Huffduffer:

I am planning to get my own feed together and add it to a few podcast directories soon, which will make it a lot more discoverable.