📍 Checked in at Café Bar de la Ficelle, Lyon, Rhône-Alpes.
📍 Checked in at Métro Vieux Lyon [D] [F1,F2], Lyon, Rhône-Alpes.
Bottomed out
📍 Checked in at Station Saint-Just [F1], Lyon, Rhône-Alpes.
Putting the fun in funicular
📍 Checked in at Institut Lumière, Lyon, Rhône-Alpes.
📍 Checked in at Au Bonheur Des Chats, Lyon, Rhône-Alpes.
Lunch with cats
📍 Checked in at Taffin, Lyon, Rhône-Alpes.

The time for French Nachos is now.

📍 Checked in at La Barge, Lyon, Rhône-Alpes.
The time to relax has come once again!

Thanks to guests Kim Le and Lars Periwinkle for preparing Jonathan to turn 30 in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!


post from Is This...? • Ep 145- Is This 30?
Jonathan is about to turn 30! A traditionally held milestone birthday, Jonathan seeks out help from friends Kim and Lars. Is this truly 30?