Super excited to support The Dungeon Rats in their new Patreon!

If you back at the $5 level or above, you get access to the stream archives, including a live show where I got to play in with the Rats! What! You can even see my face in their Patreon video. 😱

Some photos of a rad lobby installation in NYC with parts designed and fabbed by @blinkinlabs.

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post from HWC 2018-03-07 Wrap Up
Meeting Notes Homebrew Website Club Baltimore had our first March meetup at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on Wednesday, March 7th. Here are the notes from the broadcast portion of tonight’s gathering! – Today Derek worked on his infrastructure and how he wants his domain to handle requests. He’s setting up a subdomain for VueJS apps, and is figuring out how he...

Thanks to guest Samantha Schwartz for finding the right words in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

post from What's Between the Lines? • Ep 97- "Life In The Midwest" Author Burnadette Toboggan
Marty and Jonathan have a sit down interview with author Burnadette Toboggan. They discuss what makes her series of novels, "Life in the Midwest", so interesting to her readers. Learn about her back history and what was the starting point for her writing.
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post from Minimal viable service worker
I really, really like service workers. They’re one of those technologies that have such clear benefits to users that it seems like a no-brainer to add a service worker to just about any website. The thing is, every website is different. So the service worker strategy for every website needs to be different too. Still, I was wondering if it...