Sweet Baltimore City pump truck.

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Homebrew Website Club Baltimore July 26, 2017

Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center 1045 Light St., BaltimoreMD, 21230

I'm going!

Tonight! Join us at Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center at 6:30pm for another Homebrew Website Club! Write some blogs, post some photos, hack some code, or even just chat about what you want for your personal website. Free your content from “the algorithms” and build a web for you, not them!

Thanks to Trista Morgan for helping Jonathan Monroe pursue his dream of hanging art in my house on this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!


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Do You Call That Art? • Ep 25 - Nude Self Portraits w/ Trisha
Marty and Jonathan take the next step in Jonathan's journey of self portraits. They bring in world renowned self portrait artist Trisha to discuss the process of an amazing portrait.

This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition • July 15th - 21st, 2017

Audio edition for This Week in the IndieWeb for July 15th - 21st, 2017.

This week features a brief interview with Lillian Karabaic recorded at IndieWeb Summit 2017.

You can find all of my audio editions here.

You can subscribe with your favorite podcast app on huffduffer.

Music from Aaron Parecki’s 100DaysOfMusic project: Day 85 - Suit, Day 48 - Glitch, Day 49 - Floating, Day 9, and Day 11

Thanks to everyone in the IndieWeb chat for their feedback and suggestions. Please drop me a note if there are any changes you’d like to see for this audio edition!

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The https://webmention.io dashboard just got a whole lot more useful! You can now see the last few dozen webmentions you've received, and delete them if you want! This is the first step towards a "block" feature in webmention.io: https://indieweb.org/block Thanks to @tantek for the inspiration!
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It took a several hours to have pobox recognize the domain so I could start receiving mail, but that was the only hiccup. I wasn’t using the docs/drive stuff.

Switched email provider for my domain from “GSuite” to pobox.com and I’m feelin’ good.

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Audio, SoundCloud, and the Indieweb
With the news of SoundCloud’s apparent demise, I’m starting to think of alternatives. I love Bandcamp, but it seems to be more ideally suited as a place to sell finished releases, whereas I use SoundCloud more as an audio blog containing works in progress, mixes, and other random music stuff. MixCloud seems like a good candidate, particularly for my Drift...

I’ve got a work-in-progress micropub client called Screech that can send audio posts to micropub-enabled sites.