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Meeting Notes Homebrew Website Club Baltimore had our first March meetup at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on Wednesday, March 7th. Here are the notes from the broadcast portion of tonight’s gathering! – Today Derek worked on his infrastructure and how he wants his domain to handle requests. He’s setting up a subdomain for VueJS apps, and is figuring out how he...
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Looking for your long lost love? Try GHOST SINGLES to find your match in the afterlife! 👻💕👻

Thanks to Jonathan for coming clean on his connections to a mystery more than a decade in the making in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

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Jonathan finds himself entangled in a mystery that spans more than a decade.
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Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center 1045 Light St., BaltimoreMD, 21230

Homebrew Website Club Baltimore
Reminder: We are now meeting on Tuesdays instead of the usual Wednesdays. Be sure to double-check your calendars! Also, this is an off-week compared to HWC meetups in other cities. Join us for an evening of quiet writing, IndieWeb demos, and discussions! In honor of 4/10 (aka 410) we’ll celebrate and eulogize websites we enjoyed that are now Gone. Create...
I'm going!

Homebrew Website Club returns tonight with a special “410 Gone” edition!

Let’s remember those sites we loved which have since shuffled off this mortal web.

Oh, and we’ll work on and discuss our personal websites. Of course!

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I’m always looking for fun and better ways to publish content to my website. There are several nice writing apps now, such as Byword for MacOS, which lets you write in Markdown and then converts it into HTML. Many of these kinds of apps have an option to publish to a Wordpress site, using Wordpress’ XML-RPC interface, which is more...
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One of our most complex manufacturing setups is the Circuit Playground Express. The CPX packs a ton of parts into a very small package. These include an accelerometer, temperature sensor, light sensor, microphone, miniature speaker, infrared receiver and transmitter, 3 buttons, 1 slide switch, 7 capacitive touch pads, and 10 individually addressable RGB neopixels all running on an ATSAMD21 ARM...
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That was a great one this week! I really enjoyed the summaries of all the links added to the various wiki pages!
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My robot cocktail maker now posts the drink it just made to my website, as well as records it in #ynab thanks to their new API! #barbot #quantifiedself #automation #manualtilithurts #ithurtssogood @youneedabudget

This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition • March 31st - April 6th, 2018

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IndieWeb for Drupal, IndieWeb for Businesses, and Foodspotting going under. It’s the audio edition for This Week in the IndieWeb for March 31st - April 6th, 2018.

You can find all of my audio editions and subscribe with your favorite podcast app here:

Music from Aaron Parecki’s 100DaysOfMusic project: Day 85 - Suit, Day 48 - Glitch, Day 49 - Floating, Day 9, and Day 11

Thanks to everyone in the IndieWeb chat for their feedback and suggestions. Please drop me a note if there are any changes you’d like to see for this audio edition!

Thanks to our guest Lars Periwinkle for connecting the social graph in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

Be sure to catch Lars and his co-host Joel Murphy on the Hobo Radio Podcast!

post from Where Do I Know You From? • Ep 65- Trivia & Podcast Network
Marty and Jonathan speak with local trivia enthusiast and podcast host Lars P. Find out how Jonathan met Lars for the first time. How does Lars' trivia team do on a weekly basis?