Thanks to our guest Kevin Permison for his warm demeanor and chill attitude in this week’s We Have to Ask Podcast!

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Hot Or Cold? • Ep 89 - Ice and Sand Sculpting
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Homebrew Website Club Baltimore

Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center 1045 Light St., BaltimoreMD, 21230

I'm going!

Tomorrow! Come on out to the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center at 6:30pm to work on your personal website, and build a web for you (not them)!

We’ll also be talking about what happened at IndieWebCamp Austin this past weekend.

Oh! And of course we’ll be talking about Baltimore’s very first IndieWebCamp, coming up next month!IndieWebCamp Baltimore will be happening at Digital Harbor Foundation on January 20th and 21st. Registration is open now!

📍 Checked in at Gate 8, Austin, TX.
📍 Checked in at Caffé Medici, Austin, TX.
with aaronpk
with aaronpk

This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition • December 2nd - 8th, 2017

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Audio edition for This Week in the IndieWeb for December 2nd - 8th, 2017.

You can find all of my audio editions and subscribe with your favorite podcast app here:

Music from Aaron Parecki’s 100DaysOfMusic project: Day 85 - Suit, Day 48 - Glitch, Day 49 - Floating, Day 9, and Day 11

Thanks to everyone in the IndieWeb chat for their feedback and suggestions. Please drop me a note if there are any changes you’d like to see for this audio edition!

📍 Checked in at Omni Hotel Pool, Austin, TX.

Polishing off these breakfast tacos!

With tantek and aaronpk

📍 Checked in at Omni Austin Hotel Downtown, Austin, TX.
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lemoncurry 1.7 - introducing cats!
that’s right, the big new thing here is support for cats - or “categories”, as the microformats2 spec calls them because it isn’t nearly as much a furry as i am? ridiculous and yeah, they’re basically like categories or tags. each entry can have zero or more cats assigned, so i can organise them better! this one has several to...