The BIG Theater 1727 N Charles St, BaltimoreMD, 21201

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It seems like everybody has a podcast these days. And why not? You’ve probably already got a great podcast idea in mind and want to get started!

In this densely packed 2-hour workshop, we’ll cover the basics, with opportunities for hands-on practice:

  • Using the BIG studio equipment (Zoom H6, Shure SM-58 microphones) to record raw audio
  • Using Audacity editing software (available for Mac, Windows, and Linux) to clean up audio and create a finished episode
  • Publishing an episode online using Soundcloud
  • Adding a podcast to the Apple Podcasts (a.k.a. iTunes) directory

Tickets are only $10. Reserve your spot now!

Participants should bring an SD card with at least 2GB of free space and a way to take notes. Folks interested in hands-on time with editing are encouraged to bring a laptop with the Audacity audio editing software ( installed. Finally, to save, time, everyone is encouraged to create a SoundCloud account ( as well as an Apple ID ( if you don’t have them already.

Instructors: Marty McGuire and Jonathan Monroe.