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5 of us practiced at the theater thanks to the kindness of Richard who let us in and helped us practice. Here are some notes that are hopefully accurate!

We explored the space and thought about ways to use it best. For example, we can bring the sidelines way forward towards the audience and give ourselves a sense of space by bringing the chairs downstage away from the wall, treating the columns like a back line.

Warm-ups we did:

We did an exercise that is from Rick Andrews, though many folks learned a similar one from other instructors. It involves two players at a time.

We were almost out of time, so we did a little ~6 minute set that started with "Real Talk" - basically starting with an input and doing Round 2 of the exercise until someone comes in to start a tag run or scene based on it. Any full scene wipe starts again with a real talk conversation and some object work.