Thing-a-Day 2011 #24 - Hershey Fonts in JS, now sized for Unicorn Plotting!

This post used to be on Posterous. I rescued my posts before Posterous shut down and am now sharing them here.

I tweaked my little Hershey Fonts in JavaScript toy a bit. Now, the SVG data that it produces is at the right size and scale to plot on a sticky note on a MakerBot Unicorn.  Save the SVG content, load it in Inkscape, and save it as .gcode using my Inkscape extension for Unicorn.

At long last, after a bunch of little thing-a-days, I can write out a sticky-note:


Save the SVG data and open it in Inkscape:


And save it as G-Code for plotting on the Unicorn!


Matt Griffin was kind enough to plot it for me on one of the Thing-O-Matics at the BotCave:


... sorry for the Bel-Air... :)

You can play with it here: