Thing-a-Day 2011 #3 - Copies and continuous plotting for inkscape-unicorn

This post used to be on Posterous. I rescued my posts before Posterous shut down and am now sharing them here.

The the MakerBot Unicorn G-Code Output extension to Inkscape I've been working on so far for Thing-a-Day now has a new feature - support for copies and continuous plotting!

I've incorporated mifga's multi-sheet print-to-pad hack to prompt for changing sheets between copies. I've also added support for plotting sheet-after-sheet, continuously, using the "M30" G-Code, which causes ReplicatorG to start the program over from the beginning, effectively running until you stop it yourself.

For the curious: have some diffs on GitHub! Also, pictures:

Thing-a-day-unicorns Inkscape-unicorn-copies