Thing-a-Day 2011 #1 - Unicorn Pen Plotter extension for Inkscape!

This post used to be on Posterous. I rescued my posts before Posterous shut down and am now sharing them here.

I spent some time this weekend making this plugin and today went through the process of releasing it via GitHub and posting it to Thingiverse:


One problem that has often plagued users of the MakerBot Unicorn is the long and confusing chain of tools required to go from a nice vector drawing to a G-Code file that can be plotted from ReplicatorG.

mifga did an awesome tutorial that made it possible to understand the steps needed to work all of these tools, but it was obvious that something better was needed.

So, I made a mashup of and the Egg-Bot Driver for Inkscape to bring you the inkscape-unicorn extension for Inkscape!

Once installed, this extension allows you to save files in “MakerBot Unicorn G-Code (*.gcode)” format!

Learn more, download, and contribute at the GitHub page for this project:

If you’re desperate, you can also download the zip file attached to this thing, but please consider getting the latest version from GitHub. :)

Thanks to langfordw for the original Unicorn Logo used as an example on this Thing.