Automatic MakerBot Time-Lapse Photography!

It works!

Using a Canon SD300 with CHDK, and some firmware hacks, Makerbot #131 has learned how to make time-lapse videos of all of its prints!

More details (and a how-to!) coming soon! And thanks to Thingiverse user Starno for the bottle opener model in the video.


Matt Mets on said:

Schweeeeeeeeeee great job, man!

Matt Mets on said:

Now, I would really love to see what a reprap extruder looks like as it is printed ;-)

Robert McGuire on said:

Hahahaha! Nice try, Mets. :)

We'll talk about it this weekend at HOPE.

george on said:

i demand smaller time slices between frames!

Nathan on said:

Ah, the bottle opener. I seem to remember mine taking a lot longer to make.